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The HP Bios Resource Project

Discussion in 'Hacking' started by Aremis, Jul 10, 2023.

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    May 31, 2014
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    I'm an absolute Gnat I forgot I wanted to post about this.

    Thanks pooping.

    Alright so the other day I got an HP RPN Calculator, an HP 30b, and to be honest its literally changed my miserable life. I hate Ti with a passion now.

    However, I was sitting playing with an HP Laptop bios, and couldn't help but think that there needs to be an RPN calculator hidden in there somewhere. This lead to other corruptive thoughts and asking some people if Spectre and Meltdown would work to bust through Bios security stuff, got an "ayuh uh?" and a shrug, and so I decided I am going to start ripping apart HP business laptops and notating the chipsets, any UARTS, and whatever else, in order to stuff an RPN calculator in the bios that has near unlimited registers (technically it does, but imagine 16GB of ram for a calculator app LOLOLOL)

    Is this dangerous? Absolutely. Do I care? No.

    You wanna help hit me up.

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