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Discussion in 'Enlightenment Games' started by Daniel~, Dec 2, 2016.

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    A mi-level Samurai was given a well earned promotion. To celebrate the event he decided to commission A family coat of arms from Japan's foremost calligrapher.

    They met and agreed it would be delivered on the day he was to formally receive his masters recognition and new office., all would be there! The unveiling would be a very big deal for his entire clan.

    The day arrived and he saw to his satisfaction that the large wooden coat of arms was hanging in his great hall, covered awaiting the unavailing.

    The setting was Very formal. Samurai by the rows, rows by the dozens. After he Finished a rather well received speech of thanks he nodded to the old calligrapher indicating the time had come to show the whole world his family's new crest.

    He faced the gathering, crest at his back and above his head. The cover slipped to the ground.

    The hall sat frozen. The new Lord sensed blood. He spun to see what had so shocked his guests and master.

    His crest read:

    Grandfather dies
    Father dies
    Son dies

    Furious, sword half drawn he demanded to know if he was being cursed!
    What the hell was the old man thinking?

    The old man look puzzled. Then walked to the edge of the great man's sword,now fully drawn.
    He smile as sweetly as a child and asked the master:

    "Would you have it any other way? All else is tragedy..."

    It was said in the years to come of his family's dealings that they never overstepped their bounds. Never forgot the limits that had been set for them.

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