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Questions that should be put before the Oracle in the Begining

Discussion in 'I-Ching' started by Daniel~, Nov 30, 2016.

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  1. Daniel~

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    This was the start I was given. I have seen no reason to change it. It serves me well.

    1 What is my nature?

    A things nature is the way in which a creature moves to fulfill itself.
    (A cat Will pounce!)

    2. What is my Essence?

    A person's essence is that without which you would not be your self.
    You in your innermost self.

    3 What is my calling?
    That which we are here to do. That activity which will fulfills us.

    4. What is my Vocation?
    The flip side of the coin of calling. Cal;ling fulfills us, Vocation is the form in which we serve our calling.
    A Calling as a healer might find vocational expression as a Nurse, Doctor or a vet.

    This seems a good start I'll add others as we go along.

    In addition to the above questions which need to be and SHOULD only be asked once. As these aspects of self do not change..

    To ask the same question more than once implies doubt and questions that are "unintelligent" or imply doubt are ignored in silence.

    In other words the connections broken and your left sitting with the letter of the law without the spirit of the law to guide you.

    There are two questions that should guide you in your daily life. So set aside time when you can calm yourself and let go of everything you think and /or feel is oppressing you.

    Let go of hope, let go of fear. We are not perfect so don't demand perfection of yourself, just try in a gentle manner to gain clarity.

    This is a moment of utmost seriousness. Your asking the oracle to help you to pierce the Vail and view the laws that lie hidden even as they bring forth this world and all in it,

    Let yourself become aware of your faults. Don't force it and don't prosecute you for having them. Prepare yourself to accept then learn from praise and severe criticism

    Not everything you read is about you!
    The Oracle contains the measure of Heaven and Earth.

    This being the case, as much as it stings the ego "some" of the answer you revive is bound to be about other stuff.":O}

    As we tend to like to beat our selfs up, I offer this reminder From the I-Ching

    The I-Ching was written for the superior men. When ever lines reference Low or inferior people and things, they are external to us or a passing illness within us or simply something to guard against.

    But there are inherent prerequisites to consulting an oracle.

    Modesty or humility and a natural Awe and reverence before creation and your own place in creation.

    If you are not here for self transformation and self change,or you lack a willingness to bring your self into harmony with the great laws of the universe, .probably not for you.
    if your looking to make a buck.....LOL

    if you have no interest in learning how to truly be of service to this world as it spins from present into your future

    Then there's nothing here for you.

    The first thing you learn is to bend with grace to give up this to take up that which is higher.

    "If your not here after
    what I'm here after
    you will be here after
    long after I'm gone.":O}

    This not anything to rush. This is to be contemplated though the long years of man.
    This is to be savored and rejoiced in. This will take you all the way home and get you to the church on time.

    This is one way our ancestors developed over millennium to Work out their salvations in fear and Trembling, So on to the Two Questions even the Sages ask.

    1. Have I made adequate passage this day from my birth to and though my death?

    2. What rule of right action should I keep in the foreground today in order to make adequate passage from birth to and through death?

    Make no mistake you are placing yourself before the Divine and asking for Judgment. So it doesn't hurt to pray for mercy.

    You are seeking to improve yourself day by day. This can be a painful exercise This can also give joy. It hurts to say, but that's up to you.

    So Each day Ask how you did the day before. Then Ask how to improve on that tomorrow...

    Remember this was never meant to be other than a lifetime endeavor. Be patient

    Meditate upon the images become as familiar as you can with the judgments.
    Read though the book and note the changes as they flow though the hexagrams.

    The way the Creative and Receptive (hexagrams 1 and 2 are followed by Hexagram 3 "Difficulty in the Beginning" which is followed by 4" Youthful folly."

    Pray for understanding and Patience. Walk gently,cultivate modesty and seek your salvation in a loving approach to God. and the Oracle will become your very own.

    This book was written to help mankind but it has it's own place in the Roots of Heaven.

    Best wishes upon your journey.
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