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On approaching the I-Ching for the first time

Discussion in 'I-Ching' started by Daniel~, Dec 1, 2016.

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    you will need the following.

    1. A note book suitable for keeping a record of questions asked.
    This is where you will put the result of each coin toss line by line and build a hexagram. Write your question down.
    The more Precise the question, the clearer the answer will be to you.

    Theres a section in your Book that makes easy work of the mechanics of actually getting your answer from the coins

    2. find three quarters all the same year. I doesn't matter which year. The year being the same year only matters because you must choose each one. CHOOSE each one.
    you must look for and find each one.

    You must act deliberately.

    If for any reason you find a coin that's the right year, but you just don't like it say you find it's flawed give it a pass and keep looking. On the other hand if the flaw appeals to you, keep it
    If your search is interrupted, get rid of the coin or coins you have and start over when you can complete

    ( take a $20 to the laundry mat, if you have to...though $19.25 in rejected quarters could prove a burden.)

    once you start looking do not stop until you have all three. From the moment you decide to start looking until you have them do nothing else.

    try to think only of finding your quarters until you do....nobody's perfect, but try. these are the coins you will toss, so don't lose then! Don't spend them!

    From now on they stay with The Book at ALL TIMES. In a real sense they aren't yours any more they belong to the Book.

    (I put a small leather flap on the inside of the leather book -cover I made.. This is where my coins reside when the Book isn't in use.
    .If you do this, make a flap that closes when the book does to keep them from falling out.)

    The coins are now a part of your communication With the Oracle and there fore no longer simply a thing of this world.

    They are apart of the link you hope to establish each time you ask a question. So don't let others handle them once you have used them as we intend.

    Please have a sharpened pencil or other suitable writing implement on hand ":O}

    You may if you like use any coins you like. This isn't about the coins. It's about you. Getting you into a deliberate frame of mind.

    To be conscience of what you are doing.
    To form an intention toward the Divine and carry it out deliberately and with humility.

    To block out distractions is to take a stab at purity of heart.For as Kierkegaard tells us

    "Purity of heart is to WILL ONE THING."

    Willing one thing,Always the same thing brings about self Unification.

    For the mind cannot be divided while willing one thing always the same thing.

    When using an Oracle one must always will the Good. Consciously, deliberately will the Good. To will what is best for all and in service to Heaven's will.
    One approaches an Oracle as one who is asking a favor.

    The I-Ching is the oldest known book in the world...and we are still printing copies.

    You should know that I burnt several copies in my first two decades and vowed to never use the Oracle again!
    you just can't make an Oracle say what you want it to.!
    You just can't get an Oracle to take over your life and be you for you.
    There are hazards connected to using an Oracle.

    I've met most of them":O}

    So collect yourself, calm yourself and be ready to do battle. Your progress will not go unassailed. Over time you will meet with obstructions that cannot be dealt with directly.

    Oppositions will arise, conflict s will ensnare you. For the I-Ching deals with our very reality..

    And the reality is Man struggles to understand his world. The very world that gave us our birth will in time seek our lives....and have them! How does that make sense!?

    "To find ones place in the infinity of being one must be able to separate and to unite."

    I would add that this requires of us that we develop an objective view of our world.

    To seek to understand the Oracle from a subjective point of view invites an emotional involvement that can severely injure your progress. Where our Ego's are concerned anger fear and hate are never far away.

    While the Oracle's purpose is to help the inquirer to find their place in the world and to honorably occupy that space.

    It deals with us and our problems from an objective point of view.

    This view in no way precludes a compassionate understanding of us and our problems.

    Which means among other things you cannot sweet talk it into agreement with a convent rather than factual point of view

    What god sees in your heart, I swear he whispers into the Oracles ear.

    You will find truths that will challenge the way you look at and measure your progress. You will overstep your self and meet with humiliation.

    "One hundred thousand times you you lose your treasures and must climb the 9 hills
    Do not go in pursue of them. They will return of their own accord."

    What can I say...everybody gets the Blues

    At some point all who hope to commutate with an Oracle must begin to personally embody it's teachings or they must walk away.

    The Oracle will not, can not come your way.
    ,The Oracle serves Heaven, It will only serve you at Heavens command.

    To travel together you must go it's way, the way of Haven.

    To walk away...this is among the saddest of all things. To find a true path and walk away from it.

    Step carefully my friends and look out for mankind's wellbeing
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