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Microsoft Edge for Linux?

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Sep 25, 2020.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Daerandin
    Seems like the idea is that developers can test their websites in Edge without having to boot Windows. That is actually a good idea.

    I honestly can't imagine anyone wanting to use Edge on Linux for any other reason.
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  2. booman
    That makes sense... port it for the developers. The only other reason I can think of is someone might be used to Edge in Windows and just feel more "at home" with it in Linux. I'm using it in Windows at work and since its a version of Chromium, it just acts a lot like Google Chrome. So I would just stick with Chrome in Linux.

    Some people hat Google though... so they can choose Firefox or Edge.
  3. Gizmo
    Interesting article talking about a potential direction for Microsoft, and an explanation of what's going on:


    Myself, I'm sure there's a strategy in here that's going to screw us all in the long run. Microsoft is, well, Microsoft. They have a longer plan here, and it DOESN'T involve them just turning Windows over to the open source community to maintain, EVER.

    If they are doing this, it's part of their 'embrace, extend, extinguish' strategy.

    I expect the author is right to the extent that Microsoft will end up with Windows being an interface to the linux kernel. That's fine. That allows Microsoft to focus on where they make money, THE UI. No-one gives a flying squirrel if the underlying filesystem calls go to a linux kernel, a Mach kernel, an OS/2 kernel, or an NT kernel. As long as it behaves as expected, it DOESN"T MATTER.

    What they CARE about is the UI. Does it behave in a way they expect, and are used to? Can they run the applications on it that they need to use in order to get their work done?

    What I see happening here is that Microsoft is going to get people used to using Microsoft tools and apps on Linux, and will gradually replace Gnome with Windows, and we'll right back where we started.
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  4. Daerandin
    That's in interesting take on it, and knowing Windows I would not at all be surprised if there is an idea like this behind it. I am still struggling to understand the point of the whole WSL thing, except that MS might be trying to pull some Linux users to Windows.

    Getting people used to having the Linux environment available on Windows, that would certainly support the 'embrace, extend, extinguish' strategy.
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  5. booman
    I have to admit, without Microsoft I probably wouldn't have a job in IT the last 9 years. The only intentions I've seen from Microsoft is doing what they want and we have to "deal" with it. Not to mention tearing every penny from our dying hands.

    This is why I moved to Linux at home. I was tired of dealing with Microsoft at work and at home. Linux has been an adventure for me and continues to be. Not without its flaws, but still something new and a lot to learn.

    The only Microsoft software I'll ever use in Linux is games. I've never purchased Office and I'm done purchasing Windows.
  6. Daniel~
    One fine day you may earn your living in Linux...Wouldn't that be nice.":p}
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  7. booman
    That would be awesome! I am so tired of Microsoft, 3rd party software and vendors. IT is so complicated...
    I'm sure Linux is similar with being complicated as well, but it would be nice to work on the same thing every day and getting really good at it.
    The last 9 years I've had my hands on so many different software, hardware, environments, technical gear, updates and portals... I can't even count all of them.

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