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Incarnation in light of the Eternity of our end.

Discussion in 'The Path I Walk' started by Daniel~, Jun 25, 2017.

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    I ask that the reader might look pass a certain authoritarian tone often to be found in my writing.
    The truth is I don't know to think much less write other than assertively.
    I make an assertion, then challenge it into refinement or what pases for refinement in my neck of the woods i.e my head.

    When it's as smooth as I can get it I offer it to whom so ever that they might do me the kindness of criticism.

    A topic of contemplation that has pursued me for years is that of soul coming into our world, our planet Earth.

    "Where ignorant armies clash by night."
    Where mothers are raped and then lose their children to famine.

    What is to be had here by the spirit that could possibly be worth such a cost?

    Animals are one with all that happens for they are one with themselves, they never depart from their nature. The Zebras never turn and trample the lion, the Lion never challenges the Elephant.

    They drink from nature and her gifts without hindrance and accept hardship and know no complaint, no rebellion...no choice.

    We have come to see man as having evolved a big brain to deal with the physical world.
    "You mean like the big brained cockroach?"

    I would like to make one of those assertions here. The chimpanzee or gorilla have evolved as much brain power as they need in this world and there is a great deal of evidence that we were once as they are.

    This will make make many laugh, but what if survival was not why we gained in intellectual power. After all if it were not for us the Great apes. of which we are one, would be doing just fine.

    Add to this the simple and completely clear fact that our intellects as we now use them are killing us all and not one by one. In mass we are dying towards our extinction.

    So perhaps it's time to consider another view point that might reverse the ten thousand horrible trends that have imprisoned us in our thinking.

    We can I think all agree our bodies belong here. They grew as all things here on Earth grow in incremental changes among countless tincy tiny known and unknown creatures unaware of each other.

    Each on it's on track to creation.each tiny thing thing developing by the law of it's nature.to create my body and yours and though they did not know it, those tincy tiny critters created Billions of "us" and will not stop making us unless we tell them to.

    There is but one thing in all this world that cannot be accounted for in this way.

    Spirit. I don't mean the glory that flashes across a horses back as it subdues and completes the prairies. Nature is never stingy in her gifts and all her children share in her beauty, even you wart hog! For Beauty to be real can never be skin deep, it must be anchored in nature and come from her great heart.

    Spirit. Spirit that makes men look up and then look within. Spirit that guides a mentors hand.
    The incredible spirit of Music and dance.

    Reason. Often called the light of reason. is with man. An objective point of view I see no other creature a yet being capable of....as yet ...after all folks the Wheel is still in spin...yes?

    What if all the old guys were right? What if we are a nexus. What if as all evidence points to,we are a hybrid of Spirit and Nature?
    Nature has no need of our spirits and as is often noticed has no respect for our reason, it will crush us if our experience and instincts do not tell us how to avoid it.

    Our Spirits long to be free of Earthy hindrances. So why is Spirit manifesting it self though us here on earth?

    Here I enter what I call speculation guiled by the Spirit, you may call what you will. ":O}

    The Eternal is not like the temporal that flows out of it. In The Temporal really is change and continuity of form, this continuity is the secret of the everlastingness of the Physical Universe.

    But The Eternal, is Eternally perfect. unchangeable hub at the center and at the end of all things.

    In the Eternal realm there is no way for growth to manifest itself.

    So I dare to assert that Incarnation is the means by which the human soul may grow to it's perfection in the Eternity of it's end. All that a man or woman does in the Spirit must be done in light of the Eternity of the End.

    Consider if I cheat my brother weather I make restitution or no I will have cheated him for all Eternity.

    But if I make restitution, I will have done so for all of Eternity..I will have grown in my soul for all Eternity..
    Here by, heavens and hells are created to receive us.

    It has been said that Angels are spirits un-mediated by matter. (without a physical existence.) Pure Spirits.
    So in the myth of the fall once an Angel turned against God, they could not change their minds.

    We are allowed to turn away from our own Spirits a thousand times, think better of it and return to the way meant for us. Our actions and our area of accountability are mediated though matter. We have to ACT to be accountable.

    Though action and inaction we grow in spirit or die in Spirit. Each man and women must seek out and find for themselves what nourishes them. what increases them in the Spirit..

    so perhaps we recycle, perhaps not. Perhaps there is continuance, perhaps not.

    But Spirit needs explaining in this Vail of tears so I have made an effort.":O}

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