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How did Evil come upon us?

Discussion in 'The Path I Walk' started by Daniel~, Nov 28, 2022.

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    Perhaps the most troubling question a person who seeks to know what may be known about our God is this:

    Why would a loving God who wishes us well create or allow to be created, evil. I mean hideous inexplicable evil. Children in twisted hands, helpless and terrified.

    Many have said we are being tested. But what loving God would so test an innocent?

    Some have said there is a war in heaven.I have never been or seen heaven, But it would seem to me that one who is author of literately a trillion galaxies, each containing on average a half a trillion stars, would have little trouble putting down any insurrection. If there is war in heaven it has raged n and on...

    Something I feel important to note is the absence of Evil in nature. In nature there are favorable and unfavorable conditions. But one cannot seriously speak of evil tornadoes, volcanoes or Earthquakes.
    Extremely harmful, but there are no bad intentions.

    Allow me to digress a bit.

    Your God. The be all and end all of all.
    You are alone. You have eminence love to give and you are alone.
    You can make a rock to love you and it will.
    You can make Angels to serve you and they will.
    There is no no in an angel.
    But how can you make someone or something that will choose you as you chose them when you created them?
    There is only one way even for God to do this.

    You must allow what you love to hate you if it chooses to do so.
    you must create one who like all of creation is innately Good.

    But can if it wishes abandon it's own nature and choose what it wants over what is good for all.

    How to know who loves you when you own every thing?
    If I dare not to love you you can annihilate me.

    The only path to fairness,of equality of choice, for your creation
    is if you are never there when humans must decide.

    For this decision each man and woman must be alone.
    Must know something of God's loneliness.Must know something of the love that brought us into being asking only that we to choose love.

    For now love is a choice not a commandment none could ever refuse.

    So how important was it to God that we should be able choose freely?

    He has had to watch ever child that's ever been murdered,
    stood silently by every person ever raped.
    He has seen us live in doubt and fear.
    But he also put within each of us something so golden
    only heaven can spend it. He has allowed us to choose him or turn away from him.

    This evil comes upon us because we choose it. The good we know we know because he created it,
    It is ours only if we choose it.
    There is evil because he wishes us to know the power of choice
    and to enter into the divine embrace of the God of liberation..
    Both God and man have paid dearly That we should have this choice...
    Choose wisely and all that has been suffered will be justified
    and consecrated in a heaven of our mutual choosing.

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