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From begining to the end

Discussion in 'Enlightenment Games' started by Daniel~, Dec 26, 2016.

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    A man once asked his teacher for better sleeping quarters. The next day he found an ax, a saw and a plane beside his bed in the morning.

    Later in the day, he asked when they would eat. The master went in to the tool shed and came back with bag of beans and peas and hoe, pointing him to the garden.

    After working all day clearing new ground for the coming spring the man asked his teacher when they would meditate and pray.
    His teacher punched him in the nose.

    "Why did you strict me!?"

    "Why haven't you been praying and
    Why did you wham your nose into my fist?"
    His teacher responded?

    "You give me no place to sleep! No food to eat and you've shown me nothing of the Way and now you strike me!

    "No need to thank me." The teacher replied.

    After a time the man stopped asking questions and began his practice which had no form beyond the
    the day.

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