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Deep Rock Galactic in Proton

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Jul 23, 2023.

  • by booman, Jul 23, 2023 at 7:36 PM
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    Deep Rock Galactic is a Dwarf-ish spelunking mining extravaganza where you and 3 friends will dig for resources while surviving mobs of alien/bug-like monsters. Each Dwarf has a unique blend of weapons and tools, so it is important to work together! As you explore massive caverns or twisting caves keep an eye out for health because you will be attacked with random monster invasion and even bosses.

    Its been about a year since I played over a free weekend and since then I've been waiting for a Steam sale. It finally happened and I picked up 3 copies! With 3 PCs running Linux Mint I didn't have any issues with two of them, but the third one caused a bunch of issues with Vulkan Shaders. Every time we ran it, those stinking "Processing Vulkan Shaders"!!! Then the game would freeze or crash! After some research and setting Processing to background we set Proton to version 7 and ran as "Safe Mode" it finally worked.
    Now works flawlessly every time.

    Mint 21.164-bit
    GeForce GTX 1650
    Nvidia 530
    Proton Experimental 8 (or 7)
    deeprock-0.jpg deeprock-1.jpg deeprock-32.jpg deeprock-31.jpg deeprock-30.jpg deeprock-28.jpg deeprock-27.jpg deeprock-26.jpg deeprock-2.jpg deeprock-3.jpg deeprock-4.jpg deeprock-6.jpg deeprock-7.jpg deeprock-8.jpg deeprock-9.jpg deeprock-10.jpg deeprock-11.jpg deeprock-12.jpg deeprock-13.jpg deeprock-14.jpg deeprock-15.jpg deeprock-16.jpg deeprock-18.jpg deeprock-20.jpg deeprock-22.jpg deeprock-24.jpg
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Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Jul 23, 2023.

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