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Casting about,and looking for leadership

Discussion in 'Enlightenment Games' started by Daniel~, Dec 9, 2016.

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    An Emperor heard that a great sage revered by all was visiting near by.

    Somewhat lacking in popularity himself and if truth be told he knew himself inpatient by nature. He often feared he just liked to get his way.

    So the the Great man took it upon himself to go and see this man whose displeasure even his own ministers

    He found him by a local stream with recently cut bamboo pole, fishing.

    He watched him from a far to see if he had any distinctive qualities or if perhaps he glowed with some special grace.
    He grew impatient the old man was completely ordinary.. A bit below most in hight and size. He barely moved! No doubt trying to lengthen his days with boredom!!

    But the Emperor loved his people and he had tried everything to gain their trust!

    But they just didn't seem to like him. So Onward was his watch word! He approached the old man just as he was recasting.

    The Emperor forgot all about the questions he had prepared!

    Being himself an avid fisherman he could not restrain himself as he saw a naked hook go into the water

    Good Sir he cried out! "You forgot to bait up!

    The old man stood up and placed his make shift pole at his feet.

    Looked the Emperor in the eye and spoke slowly barely above a whisper

    "When the fish are ready to bite you need no bait."

    Soon the Emperor became known as the Timely One.

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