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Can gaming be the turning point for Linux on the desktop?

Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Jun 23, 2013.


Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Daniel~
    I'd like to thank Neil Mohr for his fact based (as opposed to faith based) article
    out-lining Linux use and users though the ages. Bringing the communities focus quite rightly to Games in Linux.

    It has taken what seems like forever for Linux to understand the role Gaming plays in it's widespread rejection as a desk top.

    Few are they who will take the time to cozy up to an OS that can't play the games they want to play.

    Well and good to say that Linux is a FREE OS! But if one still has to pay for Windows to play games... where's the benefit to the user who loves gaming? Someone is spending all those billions and billions of dollars on games!

    As Mr Mohr points out...this is at last changing! While Steam may or may not get it together to run games in Linux.... I have to admit to harbouring a few serious doubts they will swing the game Devs their way.

    PlayOnLinux is taking maximum advantage of WINEs progress in making Windows based games available to Linux uses. GamersOnLinux has found very few Direct X9 games that won't run in a properly adjusted POL! I mean run like they were created to run in Linux,

    Linux Gaming without Tears!

    What makes this particularly encouraging to me is the simultaneous progress we have seen in the way Linux Mint handles Nvidia card Drivers. It just....Freaking installs them!!

    Mint 13, 14 and 15 ALL come with a Device Drivers app ( under slightly different names) In Mint 14 it resides right in System Updates with it's own page. In Mint 15 it is apart of System Settings.

    Here is a detailed list of instructions to install your Nvidia card in Mint:

    You click on Device Drivers
    Device Drivers goes and gets the Current Nivida driver(s)
    You freaking pick one!
    Device Drivers installs it!

    Done and Done!

    We are now I think at the crossroads. In Mint I Almost NEVER open Terminal...for anything. Certainly not to install Drivers or play games.

    Want to adjust your Nvidia card settings... Here's the App you will have to use...Suffer though it Brothers! ":O}

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  2. booman
    Linux gaming has been a HUGE eye opener for me!
    I've always wanted to get away from spending $100+ on Windows just to play some games.
    Now I'm finding that I can save that $100 and my builds are cheaper. Not to mention Linux is way more flexible... if you can think of something, Linux can probably do it!

    Games? check
    3d modeling? check
    game development? check
    animation? check
    audio editing? check
    video editing? check
    programming? check check check
    database server? check
    file server? check
    git server? check

    must I go on?
  3. Daniel~
    Checking....Check! ":O}

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