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Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger in Proton

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 29, 2023.

  • by booman, Aug 29, 2023 at 10:54 PM
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    Gunslinger is another instance of the Call Of Juarez franchise with a story-tellin emphasis. Literally! Play as the narrator who slays famous outlaws of the old west. Utilize old classic weapons like The Winchester, Colt, shotgun and more... Play epic one-on-one showdown shootouts in slow motion!

    Gunslinger has a great graphics style almost like Borderlands and it runs really well in Proton! Unfortunately the game is fairly linear and sometimes the story halts right in the middle of a firefight to introduce an enemy animation, dialog or simply change the story. Other than that, you won't get to use a lot of creative weapons or loot... mostly run-n-gun using classic western guns. Which is still pretty fun!

    Mint 21.1 64-bit
    GeForce GTX 1650
    Nvidia 535
    Proton GE 8-4

    juarezg-0.jpg juarezg-1.jpg juarezg-2.jpg juarezg-3.jpg juarezg-4.jpg juarezg-5.jpg juarezg-6.jpg juarezg-7.jpg juarezg-8.jpg juarezg-9.jpg juarezg-10.jpg juarezg-11.jpg juarezg-12.jpg juarezg-13.jpg juarezg-14.jpg juarezg-15.jpg juarezg-16.jpg juarezg-17.jpg juarezg-18.jpg juarezg-19.jpg
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Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 29, 2023.

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