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The IRC channel is OPEN: #GamersOnLinux [irc.OFTC.net]

Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Sep 21, 2014.

  • by ThunderRd, Sep 21, 2014 at 7:36 AM
  • ThunderRd

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    After a month of experimentation and discussion, we can announce that the *OFFICIAL* IRC channel for Gamers On Linux is at:


    Aremis has pitched in and will help supervise the channel, I'll be in there, and anyone else who wants to can drop by and have a bit of a chat with us. Beware of the time zones and don't get frustrated, thinking we are ignoring you: you might not get an answer right away until we have more participants lurking around. I'm in GMT +7, and Aremis is in GMT -6. If I'm sleeping, you'll see my name as 'thunderrd[away]', so you know I won't be back for some time. Aremis and I plan to be logged in 24/7, but of course, we aren't always available.

    Like most things of this nature, popularity can develop slowly, so give it a try and see how you like it.

    Just go in, ask away, and idle in the channel; hopefully if this thing gets rolling we can have some of our 'experts' around frequently. Make appointments with your mates if you want: a PM to the one you want to talk to like, "meet me at #gamersonlinux at 6" might be a way to make sure you're there at the same time. I'd like to ask that any/all of our regular posters and 'guidemeisters' get involved by keeping your clients logged in to the channel whenever you're online [the clients are all very light on resources, so there's no performance hit]. This gives an appearance that there is some activity in the channel, and it allows us to help others and each other as quickly as possible.

    If IRC is new to you, you will find that it is quite simple, actually. First, you need a client. There are a bunch of good ones, and they will all do an adequate job. I use hexchat, which is a fork of the now-deprecated Xchat. Gizmo has told me that Pidgin has an IRC client or plugin, as well, if you use that for an IM app.

    Install the client, and give yourself a nickname. Then, then find OFTC in the server list. Connect to it [normally through port 6667] and type:

    /join #gamersonlinux

    This will immediately place you in the channel. You will see your name in the current users field. This is where you can see who else is logged in to the channel. Then, just say hello!

    If you have any requests for login /client help, feedback, suggestions, or other comments, post them in this thread.
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Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. ThunderRd
    I also saw the private window, but had no idea who you were under that nick.
  2. booman
    Wish I could join you guys... but the firewall at work blocks it. Maybe in the future because we are going through some network changes
  3. cloasters
    Wouldn't it be nice if a firewall did a perfect job and never messed with you? If they never "mess" with you can they be doing a good job?
  4. booman
    Well, their job is to protect us and my boss configures it well. So I'm not going to ask him to open a port just for my gaming needs ;)
  5. cloasters
    Gotcha lickin' chicken, booman! As in, received you loud and clear.
    I'm clueless as to my anti-virus need in Mint 17.3. Never? Once in a while?
    I seem to remember that Linux people announce that there's a problem pretty well. Is that a true story?
  6. booman
    I don't use an anti-virus. The only time you would need one is if you are downloading files via internet and sharing them with Windows users. I don't particularly do that, but I've yet to find my Mint infected with anything.
  7. cloasters
    "Sharing with Windows users," funny I know very few of them. It's unfortunate that many "brand name" PC's "accidentally" don't permit the user to install Linux. Always insist on Standard Architecture!
    I used to always build my own machines but got lazy after realizing that home rolled cost a bit more than brand name boxen. Changing back to Standard Architecture was expensive, yet freedom from Monstersauft made it worth it.
    Mein Gott in Himmel, the crap they pull on their often ignorant users is unfreakin' believable.
  8. Lorena
    As I said many time my computer was built with all the spare part my kids dont want anymore.- Thank God my husband knows about hardware and he always do miracles. :)
  9. cloasters
    It's wonderful that your husband really knows how to build a good machine for you! Glad that you can compute with the best of them.
  10. ThunderRd
  11. booman
    Thanks ThunderRd

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