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Simcity 2013 Offline is here

Discussion in 'News' started by steve723, Mar 19, 2014.


Discussion in 'News' started by steve723, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. booman
    Wow, did they have to reinvent the wheel or something?
    Offline should be a serious consideration for every game. I mostly play games offline anyways. So I try to stay away from online only games unless its an MMO
  2. steve723
    I just tested Simcity 2013 offline mode and the FPS is so low as to make the game unplayable. Of course I play via POL so it could be part wine's fault. Then again this is EA we aree talking about so mabey they do have some bugs. The only thing in the POL log that is realevant to Linux is 'ALSA lib pcm.c:7843:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred' but that might not be POL's fault. It might be part of the FPS problem. I tried turning down the graphics in the game but it didn't seem to do any good.
  3. booman
    When you were playing online, were the FPS better?
    Remember there is a guide on fixing the buffer underun error: Buffer Underrun Fix
  4. steve723
    Yes but that was several months ago that I played last. As my sister suggested if SEO was to take over EA they could teach those idiots a thing or two about CS. I easpecially like that idea because Sony's PS uses a custom version of Linux! Maybe then some more great games like Civilization 5 and 6 would be portered to the penguin! Yes I did say Civ 6 as rummer has it Fireaxis and 2K games may at least be thinking about making the new version soon. That's one of my favourite games. :):):)
  5. allenskd
    Lesson learned, hopefully Maxis won't screw up next time with their stupid "always online".
  6. steve723
    Like my Dad said 'spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one gets full faster.' Just remember this is EA we are talking about! You have to remember these folks hire holier monkeys for tech support and CS. :D They wouldn't know how to run a software company if it walked up and slapped them in the face! They used to be good back in the 20th century but they must be under a different management because these idiots need to look at SOE to see how to run proper CS and TS.
  7. booman
    I have yet to install Battlefield 3, Sims 3 or Medal of Honor.
    Mostly because they run in Origin and I don't want to mess with it in Linux.
    But I eventually will and see how well they run.
    I've only heard bad things recently, but havn't messed with their games.
  8. steve723
    I had created a POL script for installing the Sims 3 but my HD fell off the table and now it won't work. Its a segate. Here is a POL script for Simcity 2013. It should work for The Sims 3. You will need to modify it.

    # Date : (2013-07-19)
    # Last revision : (2013-07-20)
    # Wine version used : 1.6-rc2
    # Distribution used to test : xUbuntu 13.10
    # Author : Jimmy Ramsmark
    # Licence : GPLv3
    # This script was tested using the DVD version of `SimCity 2013'
    # Bought in Sweden 2013
    [ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit 0
    source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"
    TITLE="SimCity 2013"
    AUTHOR="Jimmy Ramsmark"
    POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "Maxis" "http://www.simcity.com/" "$AUTHOR" "$PREFIX"
    POL_Wine_SelectPrefix "$PREFIX"

    # Modified to add Origin download support by Steven Wilson useing Origin script by GNU_Raziel
    POL_SetupWindow_InstallMethod "DVD,ORIGIN"

    if [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" = "DVD" ]; then

    # Let the user select a DVD
    # Check if this DVD is the SimCity 2013 DVD
    POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom "SimCity.zip"

    # Set and install the correct Wine version
    # Run installer
    taskset -c 0 wine start /unix "$CDROM/Setup.exe"

    #Origin method
    elif [ "$INSTALL_METHOD" = "ORIGIN" ]; then

    # Set and install the correct Wine version

    # Installing mandatory dependencies
    POL_Call POL_Install_wininet # Fix EA Connexion's issue 1
    POL_Call POL_Install_vcrun2010

    # Installing Origin
    # Downloading latest Origin
    cd "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/"
    POL_Download "https://download.dm.origin.com/origin/live/OriginSetup.exe" ""
    cd "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/"
    POL_Wine start /unix "OriginSetup.exe"
    POL_Wine_WaitExit "$TITLE"


    POL_SetupWindow_message "$(eval_gettext 'When Origin starts, login so that the installation of SimCity can start.\\nWhen the installation is finished, press next.\\n\\n!IMPORTANT! If the installer gets stuck on installing for a very long time without anything happening, then set a timer for 5 minutes and then press next when the timer reaches 0, the script will then try to fix it for you\\n')" "$TITLE"
    #We need to make sure that this bastard gets killed
    COUNT_PROXY=$(ps aux | grep -c EAProxyInstaller.exe)
    if [ "$COUNT_PROXY" -gt 1 ]; then
    killall EAProxyInstaller.exe
    POL_SetupWindow_message "$(eval_gettext 'Please close Origin now (If the game is uppdating successfully then let it finish, but if it it hangs then continue), and then press next (If you can not close it, just press next and the script will attempt to close it for you)\\n')" "$TITLE"
    #Kill Origin so that the script can continue
    killall Origin.exe
    # Need to block Origin from using this file, since it breaks the game.
    # And if we just remove it, Origin will just replace it with a new one.
    cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/$PROGRAMFILES/Origin"
    rm IGO32.dll
    touch IGO32.dll
    chmod 000 IGO32.dll
    # Create shortcuts
    POL_Shortcut "SimCity.exe" "$TITLE" "" "" "Game;"
    POL_Shortcut "Origin.exe" "Origin - $TITLE" "" "" "Game;"
    # Temporary fix for the race condition bug in Origin that ruins everything
    # This makes the game a lot slower though, so not sure if it's worth it
    POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$TITLE" 'taskset -pc 0 $$'
    POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "Origin - $TITLE" 'taskset -pc 0 $$'
    POL_SetupWindow_message "$(eval_gettext 'Installation finished!\\n\\n When you start the game, Origin might act a bit funky at times, but just continue like you didnt see it')" "$TITLECOMPLETE"
    exit 0#!/bin/bash

  9. steve723
    I just remembered I think I posted my Sims 3 script on POL forums. I forgot the name of the thread. If you search you might find it.
  10. booman
    I never use scripts. Manual installation for me every time!
    But I can use the libraries in the script for my manual installation.
    Sounds like it runs in Wine 1.5.28-Origin
    Thats all I need to know....

    I have read that downloading games in Origin has some deficiencies, but does work.
  11. steve723
    No other version of wine works correctly. The other version won't let origion download. The last version of wine I checked was 1.7.8.
  12. booman
    have you actually downloaded an entire game in Origin?
    I have BF3 on DVD, but it has a different key. I've already activated my key on Origin, so it shouldn't really matter.
  13. steve723
    If any one ever gets The Civ V SDK to work in the same VD that the game is in then please let me know how you did it. I get as far as first time run. During the Microsoft netframework install it fails with no error message and the POL log isn't helpful.
  14. steve723
    Yes several games. wine version 1.5.28-Origon, custom wine from POL. 1.5.28 vanilla doesn’t work.
  15. booman
    Ah, I can help you with that. First make sure to use Wine 1.5.18 and then install all the dotnet libraries you need. Then switch to Wine 1.7.8 to install Origin and then the game.
    1.5.18 is renown for not crashing during the dotnet installations.
    I've experienced it myself... Not sure what they changed since, but it rocks!
  16. steve723
    Civ 5 is from Steam not Origin. I was trying to use the SDK under Steam > tools.
  17. booman
    Gotcha... either way, use Wine 1.5.18 to install dotnet, then change to Wine 1.6.2 or 1.7.8 to install Steam and your game. Cause we know all other Wine's are broken for Steam :D
  18. steve723
    The game is already installed. BTW: I have everything from Fireaxis for the game including the new deluxe Conquest of the new world scenario that was just released. Now that Civ V complete was released this month then I think Civ 6 will be announced within the year!
  19. steve723
    I tried switching to 1.528. I installed dotnet35 and dotnet2. I switched back to 1.7.15. I tried running both with and without the Steam overlay. It doesn’t run.

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