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now as the battle is won....

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. Daniel~

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    a great general once said that he first bought himself to love his enemy.. His culture his fears and hopes. in the moment that he came to truly love and understand his enemy, in that very moment he destroys his enemy.

    For a long time I simply could not conceive of how any could be fooled by trumchump.
    then I realized that they for the most part weren't fooled.

    that in fact they had come in their lives to embrace the destruction he represented.
    theirs was i think a "This is how bad i feel'' vote

    They didn't want the country to get better as they don't believe that anything better would ever reach them.for which they blamed the world around them..as does trumpchump.

    it is a bitter and angry place to be.

    after battle, reconciliation.

    if we wish them to move as we need to move to deal with climate change, poverty, medical care etc. then we must first before all see to it the the benefits we wish them to have truly reaches those for whom they are intended.

    we must show them the better world we conceive..
    Many will refuse to see no matter how much they benefit.

    but most, almost everyone, will understand that their pain has lessened
    as progression moves them into a better life.

    but they must receive a better life, experience the better world we out voted them to get for ALL of US. I have no doubt that the disenfranchised, the forgotten ones and those who no longer see hope in their worlds will fight us tooth and nail.

    if we can come to love them, understanding will come. Once we understand their sorrows we may seek our remedies in each other..We will not get very far trying to drag the unwilling.

    we must give them something of value to strive for.Something they want or need that has been lacking.

    we will meet with the greatest opposition from those who have grown use to the crippling crunch
    of racism.

    Before progress can be made in any direction they must learn to mind their own business.
    to learn that my neighbors progress in no way inhibits my own.
    If it does, that is a matter for civil law. Not anger or hatred.

    If this battle is truly won, to become worth of our victory we must tend to each others wounds.
    and fill each others cups and love each others children.

    nothing else is worth the doing in the ashes of war.
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  2. cloasters

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    Jul 3, 2013
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    Very easy for me to hate the hateful ones. That pulls me farther away form any solution to our seemingly intractable mess. When I sit down with an imaginary Orc (they seem a lot like the Orcs in the Hobbit and
    Lord of the Rings trilogies) I MUST put myself in their shoes. How else can we bridge what seems to be a wide chasm that divides us?

    Extremely good advise Daniel, thank you!

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