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Leadwerks: Game Development in Linux

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Jul 8, 2013.

  • by booman, Jul 8, 2013 at 8:57 PM
  • booman

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    Support this Leadwerks Kickstarter campaign to help push game development in native Linux.

    Leadwerks Kickstarter

    • AAA Graphics
    • Steam integration
    • Steam Workshop
    • Export to Steam
    • C++ Programming
    • Visual Scripting
    • Constructive Solid Geometry
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Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. steve723
    I am trying to install the windows version 2 via POL. The Linux version will be out in December. Their first Kickstarter campaign was a ginormus success! They are 17 hours away from the end of their second campaign and they already have 37,000 of 20,000 dollars! Not only is Leadworks for Linux coming in December, but Leadworks for Linux is now their leading platform! In other words, Linux Gaming has just scored a huge victory and can now go toe to toe with Windows and Mac gamming. It all started with Valve announcing in late December 2012, that Steam for Linux beta, would be out in late January 2013. Then Leadwerks knew that it was time to begin a campaign for a Linux port. They are starting with Ubuntu 12.04.
  2. steve723
    I forgot to add that Leadwerks for Linux with use the Steamworkshop to allow users to download leadwerks tools and to prepare your games to be submitted to green light. I still belive that POL/wine will still be needed for a few years as GOL isn't going to happen over night but 2013 and beyond will/are definitely seeing huge progress.
  3. steve723
    Attention GOL: Your edit function does not work correctly. When I click on edit, a dialogue box opens that displays my post for about 1 second, then the text disappears and its just an empty dialogue box. I tried copy/ paste to try to copy my post so I could edit it but that doesn’t work. I am using Firefox version 23 for Linux if that helps.
  4. booman
    Very nice!
    I am interested in seeing where Leadwerks take Linux gaming in the future. I also wonder how easy it is to use....
    By the way Steve, are you a game developer or aspiring game maker?
    I have done a little game development in the past. Very difficult work, but fun too.
    I have a huge repository of textures and seamless tiles I made myself.

    Even if Steam on Linux fails, I think it still setup the future of gaming for Linux. People are taking notice and companies/developers are starting to make plans for Linux in one way or another.
    Of course it will be slow and take many years to mature, but you got to start somewhere and Valve boosted the beginning of it.

    Yeah, we know the edit button is buggy. doesn't happen in Chrome, just in Firefox.
  5. steve723
    Not a game developer. Just have some ideas and am an amature programmer since 1983. I am sure I could put some of your textures to good use. No way that Steam on Linux can fail, especially once Leadwerks gets going on it in December. We need to find a way to get EA interested. I can't believe they keep walking past that rather large pile of potential money. ;)
  6. steve723
    I forgot to add since I couldn't get Leadwerks Trial Windows version to work via POL or VB then I tried rebooting into Windows. Guess what... It still doesn't work!
  7. booman
    Ah HA! Interesting... guess there are still some bugs to work out...

    I have a feeling EA, UBIsoft and Blizzard don't see Linux as a pile of money because it requires them to invest money in more development and support. Supporting Linux can be a huge pain because of all the distros, hardware's and drivers. They have to pay employee's to troubleshoot all the variables...

    But we know they make plenty of money already. Steam is supporting Linux and I havn't read any articles about them making a mess of things... so will EA, UBI and Blizzard take notice?
  8. Daniel~
    After you click on Edit, click on "More options". Now you should see your post and be able to make any changes you need to. We aren't sure why this is so, but we are looking into it!
  9. booman
    oh cool, a work around, thanks Daniel
  10. steve723
    EA, UBIsoft and Blizzard have plenty of money to do that their just too greedy and want everything including the kitchen sink! ;)

    I helped beta test Steam for Linux. Steam had a bunch of problems and their horse wouldn't go around the track in a straight line. :DBy March they were doing nicely and took the word beta off the title. The number of users has gone down slightly since beta but I expect the numbers to go up during 2014. :)

    The edit work around works perfectly! Thanks for posting the work around.
  11. Daniel~
    Good point Steve 723!

    However if the Devs are at all smart they will realize they don't have to support their games in linux,...Just get them close enough to running that POL and the Like can take them across the line.

    Then You and Boo can do the rest! ":O}

    As for the workaround...DA Nada! ":O}
  12. steve723
    It looks like Leadwerks won't run my hardware since I use the Intle GMA 45 in my laptop. I need a new desktop with a good GPU.
  13. booman
    Always a good idea for Linux... just make sure its an Nividia GPU
  14. steve723
    A while back Linus gave Nvidia the finger and said 'F... you Nvidia'. One reason was because people with a lousy on the motherboard graphics chips and an Nvidia card couldn’t use their Nvidia card because Nividia's driver won't switch to the card.
  15. Daniel~
    My Asus Sabertooth Z77 has an on-board GPU that supposedly can work with my Nvidia 670 GTX... but after reading review of those who have tried it I haven't bothered with it. But it doesn't interfere at all with my GPU Card...I just turn it off in BIOS
  16. steve723
    Well of course a computer nerd would think of that but what about the average Joe or Jane non nerd computer user?
  17. booman
    Guess they would be using Windows, a console or a smart phone.
    Of course missing out on all the capabilities of Linux ;)
  18. Daniel~
    Well....if they aren't nerds...who cares what happens to them! LOL
  19. steve723
    Leadwerks for Linux launched yesterday! Now that Leadwerks runs natively on Linux I predict that Gamming on Linux will surge ahead during 2014. Weather it will throw windows of the hill top this year no one knows. It might take a few years to do that but Linux will soon dominate the gaming market just like it currently dominates the server market. Don't forget Leadwerks for Linux is available on Steam and uses the Steam workshop.

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