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iPhone source code leaked on Github

Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Feb 9, 2018.


Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. booman
    No way! I'm reading this...
  2. cloasters
    Oh Apple, you ARE the very best. What xxxbites, please pardon my French.
  3. Daniel~
    Gee, doesn't that take all the fun out of hacking apple phones?

    "Please hold for 5 min. while we write our new source code.
    While you wait please think of this new feature as a party line,
    A place where you can go and share all those secrets that have been such a burden to you.
    And remember there's no telling who your telling those secrets to how liberating!!

    Was I too unkind? ":O}
  4. cloasters
    Is it genuinely possible to be too unkind to Apple, Google, Facebook or Microshaft? Why they are the Masters of the Universe as they know it.
  5. Kaitain
    Buried within the midst of it is a library dedicated measuring how correctly you hold your phone, and setting signal strength accordingly...

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