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Epic Citadel (future of gaming)

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, May 8, 2013.

  • by booman, May 8, 2013 at 2:01 PM
  • booman

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    Here is an example of the future of gaming!
    Epic Citadel is a browser based benchmark with beautiful graphics and detail.
    Walk around a stunning castle in First Person and take in all the eye candy while you stroll down streets, over a country-side and through a church.

    Epic Citadel

    The Unreal engine utilizes Java and HTML5 to communincate with your video card and I see a lot of possibilities with browser-based gaming.

    Obviously we will still need a good video card, but as tablets can render these amazing visuals it makes me believe one day my desktop will be obsolete.

    Note: Make sure to use Firefox in Linux because Chromium isn't supporting Unreal yet.





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Discussion in 'News' started by booman, May 8, 2013.

  1. Daniel~
    What kind of FPS are people getting...I'm seeing under 30, tops at 30...?

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  2. booman
    I didn't see a frame rate counter... what it in the options?
    It was pretty smooth in Firefox for me
  3. Daniel~
    Once Citadel loads look at the top center, there's a leather pouch looking thing, click on it and you get a choice of a guided tour or a benchie.You can see it in my picture just above you post...I edited it just for you! Enjoy! ":O}
  4. booman
    Thats funny, I saw that button but never clicked it. I was too consumed by the beautiful graphics
  5. Daniel~
    Soooo..... How did you bench! I want to know as I'm wondering how Internet speeds are going to affect the FPS...
  6. Aedan
    This is on Firefox on my Win7 box, which has a bottom of the line GeForce 310 graphics card...

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  7. Daniel~
    Oh how the mighty have been brought low! LOL

    What the hell happen to me on the way to benchmarking greatness!!??

    (Please don't say Linux...just don't! ":O}
  8. Daniel~
    I'm getting strange results...I'm thinking that it doesn't bench all that well where Nvidia "Adaptive" tech in involved.

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  9. booman
    Tweak your Nvidia so everything is "Application controlled"
    Otherwise, I have no idea... my card is several hundred dollar clocked down from yours
  10. Daniel~
    I tried it, it was already app controlled, so I tried other settings...no difference....
  11. Aedan
    One thing that came to mind - are you using the standard firefox that came with your distro, or are you using a nightly build? The nightly builds are less stable, but about twice as fast for Epic Citadel!

    They can be found at http://nightly.mozilla.org/
  12. Daniel~
    Alas, standard issue from Mint 14. I've tried it full screen and reduced, no diff.
  13. booman
    Then you are saying it runs great no matter what?
  14. Daniel~
    I'm saying it runs 30% slower than the garbage you and Aedan call video cards... which makes me feel bad...and maybe just a little spiteful.":O}
  15. Gizmo
    What resolution are you running daniel? I'm slower than them also, but I'm also running 1920x1200, as opposed to 1600x1080. I was getting about 17 FPS on my nVidia Quadro 2800M, which is basically an nv10, I believe.

    Edit: it's basically a slightly faster G92/9800GT
  16. booman
    Quadro? What are you using that for?
    I've read about Quadro cards being optimized for 3D modeling and CAD development
  17. Gizmo
    That's what I've got in my Dell Precision Laptop (M6500).

    Primarily, I use it for the support of high-res displays (1920x1200 x 2 displays). Being a programmer, I need screen real-estate.
  18. booman
    Laptop? How large is your laptop screen? Sounds like you are using it for external monitors.
    I bet you can't wait for Thunderbolt and daisy-chaining!
  19. Gizmo
    17". Not really a laptop, more of a 'portable desktop'. It's actually a DTR. 16 GB RAM, 2x1TB drives, 2 GHz quad-core, about 2 hours of battery life. Bear in mind I bought this thing in 2010.

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